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MT Supporting Military

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care package items


Prohibited Items!


Flammable Items

Aerosols of any kind!


Anti-Muslim Literature

All Hemp Products  

General Items

No Outdated Items, or Opened Packages!

Cards and letters of support and encouragement

**Good quality coffee!!             

Black or white boot or crew socks 

White ankle socks

Boxer briefs, medium and large

Flip flops for shower shoes –  men’s & women’s various sizes               

iTunes gift cards

Portable games

Stationery and pens               
Powdered drink mix in single servings

Rice Krispie bars 

Instant oatmeal in packets

Flavored teas

Bagged individually wrapped candy

Chocolate candy

Sunflower seeds and mixed nuts 

Dried fruit 

Tuna and chicken in pouches        

Granola and protein bars

Beef jerky (especially Hi-Country Beef Jerky)

Peanut butter - plastic jar 

AA and AAA batteries

Travel size – lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, liquid soap

Loofas - good for getting rid of sand

Non-aerosol stick deodorant 

Nasal spray, eye drops

Wipes, hand sanitizer 

Moisturizing chapstick

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothbrush covers




Additional Summer Items


Items must withstand temps up to 140 degrees!

Cool ties neck wraps in tan or gray material 

Squirt guns, splash balls, water balloons

Small fans 

Big summer requests:

    powdered drink mix with electrolytes

    solid chapstick


    foot powder

    white crew socks

    individually wrapped hard candy

    eye drops and nasal spray

Additional Winter Items

Hand and toe warmers
Fleece blankets 
Glove liners

Wool socks

Washable 100% wool thin helmet liners

Hot chocolate and cider mix in envelopes

Items for Wounded Troops in Combat Hospitals Overseas

For Men & Women - sizes small, medium and large

Sweat pants 

Pajama/lounge pants  

Loose fitting shorts with drawstring

Women's underwear  

Men's boxers  
2-piece button pajamas

Button short sleeve shirts




Dental care items